A response in support of men who want to address the violence against them

A young white man holds a sign for a Men’s Safety Summit while holding his hand up in the rock on gesture.
Image credit — Florian Köppen (edited by author)

September 6th and 7th saw a much-lauded Women’s Safety Summit in Australia, the purpose of which was to bring together hundreds of survivors, experts and advocates, with a goal to design our nations plan to reduce violence against women and children.

Naturally, as a feminist writer and activist, I tuned…


You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and maybe not even then

It was well past midnight when she found the book; small and black, worn around the edges, and oozing mystery in the way that little black books often do.

She’d opened the box in a fit of pandemic boredom that Netflix could no longer alleviate. She’d already sorted the kitchen…

An undercover dive into the online ghettos of organized extremist misogyny

Image credit — Pankratov Yuriy and edited by author.

Men hurt women. It is a fact. It is an epidemic. It is a public health catastrophe. It is normal. ~ Laura Bates.

The above quote from Laura Bates’ book, “Men Who Hate Women; from Incels to Pickup Artists, the truth about extreme misogyny and how it affects us all”

An undercover dive into the online ghettos of organized extremist misogyny

Dark portrait with half of a mans face showing in just a little light. He looks angry and menacing.
Image credit — Dunanim

It was a dark wintery day when I stepped through the gateway into the first lair of online misogynist terrorism — apt considering the task at hand.

I had spent some time preparing; creating a fake male persona; writing up an imaginary profile; making mental checks of my speech. The…


Look out feminists, there’s a new girl in town!

Image credit — Roman Samborskyi

Hi my name is Becky, I’m privileged and white.
I think that I’m special, I think that I’m right.
I think that I’m perfect and totally woke,
and if you say otherwise, then you’re just a joke.
I’m not like the others, despite what they say,
though I do love spiced lattes; wear ugg boots…


Is the patriarchy finally crumbling?

Image credit: Teodor Lazarev

I’m really not sure how the term “extinction burst” entered my vocabulary but I found myself recently using it in a discussion around patriarchy and as it left my mouth I had one of those moments when I realised I might actually be on to something.

If you’re a parent…

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