A day in the life of women…

Man: This post is sexist. What about men? Their voices should be heard.

Me: You should definitely join in a discussion about that. This one’s about women.

Man: Just because the post is primarily about females doesn’t mean we should neglect males.

Me: This post is 100% about females. I see plenty of posts that are 100% about males. Interestingly I don't see you contributing to them.

Man: Show us the 100s of posts about men? I’ve only seen one this year.

Me: You can find the “plenty” of posts yourself by caring enough to look for them.

Man: You made the claim. You provide the articles. That’s how it works… because I’m a man, wah-wah, and I can’t be expected to do it myself, wah-wah, that’s what women are for, to do my homework for me, wahhhh.

Me: Yawn.

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