I’ve been on Medium now for almost a year. Since I started all I ever hear is write, write, write, pump that stuff out, you need to publish daily etc. For the hast few months Ive spent a month at a time trying stuff. So for my 12 month I thought I’d give this pumping “content creation” a shot. It absolutely takes the joy out of writing. Going back to one of the pieces I published I found it so full of grammatical errors I was surprised the pub took it. I felt really ashamed. Im also feeling really fatigued. I have no trouble finding things to write about, but I do have trouble writing in a natural flow when I’m working under the pump. I dont think I’m going to make it to the end of the month this way. But it’s been a good experiment and as I enter my second year I know what I’ll be doing.

Written by

Navel Gazer | Feminist | Urban Agriculturalist | Sweating the little things. Follow me at https://www.facebook.com/thiswomxn/

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