Thanks for asking. I am alway relectant to share my opinions about the language in the trans space because I dont feel I have that right. But seeing as you askjed… I’ve yet to come across a terf who actually feels Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism is an accurate desciption of their brand of feminism. They don’t consider their feminism as anything other than straight up mainstream feminist ideology, so resent having their views singled out and feel those who include transwomen should be the group that is considered a branch. Despite that I have always used the acronym as it is, imo, both accurate and useful. But, increasingly it is being used in the context of an intended insult and so it’s use has become problematic as intended insults alienate people and make it difficult to have proper conversations.

No-one likes having their views called out in a negative way no matter how accurate the term — transphobe, homophobe, racist, sexist, or just straight up bigot. Does that mean we shouldnt use them and instead pander to their fragile egos? Absolutely not. But dependent on context, are they useful — if the goal is to open up dialogue — when flung as an insult? Probably not, as any discussion then goes from the topic of transgender experiences to a discussion about terfs themselves. It’s not dissimilar to a discussion about violence against women which always ends up being a discussion about “what about men”.

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