You’re touching on a subject that really interests me. I actually see a LOT of discussion about mens rights. However, the place I see it (online) is on discussions threads focused on women. I follow quite a few mens organisations where the opportunity to discuss these topics is constantly provided yet falks flat every time. And that’s what interests me. I constantly question why men’s rights activists only want to discuss their issues on threads focused on women, and seem unwilling to do what women have done so well historically; stand together and proactively address their concerns.

In discussing this with a male friend of mine he has said that the MRA strategy of attacking feminism and derailing female discussions has done men like him (a survivor of DV) more harm than good as it has now become very difficult to discuss mens issues without being called an MRA which has now become a derogatory term. Based on my own interactions with men around this topic I have to agree with him. I think men have their work cut out for them when it comes to finding a way to create a movement that really works for all men, that is actually focused on lifting up men and not tearing down women. Articles such as this are a step in that direction.

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